Nikia Pope, the founder of Honeybabes Lifestyle is a multifaceted, multi passionate woman who is passionate about helping people to make self-care a priority. Her intention is to help people fall in love with taking care of themselves. Nikia was blessed to be raised by her grandma, Mozelle, affectionately known as “Honeybabe”  who was the biggest influence over her life. She taught Nikia, how to be  a strong and powerful woman who was anchored in impact, purpose and faith. 


Nikia was always fascinated with how luxurious and fancy her grandma was. But also how relatable she was to everyone around her. She was a woman of opulence- she adorned herself in fancy furs and mink coats, had a vast collection of fancy perfume,  and an impressive collection of jewelry. At home, she would always wear silk robes and nightgowns. She believed in the importance of treating herself well.


Even with all of the fancy things- the best part of her was the unconditional love she gave all the time. Everything she did was fueled and powered by love and you felt it all the time. 


Her grandma always made sure you left her better than you were when you came to her.  Sometimes that could be- a good home come cooked meal,  new clothes that she purchased for you, a “good grandma” hug- you know the one that makes you feel warm on the inside.And always a reminder about how powerful and gifted you are.She would feed your soul. It's like she had a prescription for whatever you needed.  


Nikia created “Honeybabes” because I wanted to provide resources that women need to create a self care sanctuary. She offers luxurious self care products that aid women in creating a luxurious lifestyle. We are normalizing luxury. Honeybabes provide products that support women in taking care of themselves holistically- the same way  Nikia’s grandma took care of her. 


Nikia is shifting the self-care culture. Let’s make ourselves a priority.